Language of Labour is an independent platform designed to provide a place for critical and casual conversation around the crafted object. The aim is to facilitate a forum for makers, curators, academics and writers to take participate in the community, to contribute to conversations and create a dialogue around making and material concepts.

Contributions are welcome - in fact, contributions are necessary to keep the site and it's conversation alive. Writers are needed, and are not required to be writers. Language of Labour is a place for conversation, participation and revelation. Some articles will be formed from the authors thesis, or from a chat across the studio or bar.

Please feel free to further the conversation by commenting on a post. Conversations that arise out of the comment section could potentially lead to further articles and research on the topic. Please be aware that comments are mediated. Should an inappropriate or disrespectful comment be posted it will be removed from the conversation, and/or the entire comment section on that article will be frozen. Be respectful when participating.

Debbie Pryor is a Melbourne based craft curator and writer. She has worked across Adelaide, Sydney and Victoria since 2000, running galleries and programs at key institutions such as JamFactory, Object, Powerhouse Museum, Firstdraft and currently, Craft Victoria. Debbie is the founder and curator of the Language of Labour site, her opinions and concerns expressed on this site are independent from any current or previous place of employment.

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